Leadership Institutes

The Challenge

Your senior leaders are passionate about your organization's mission and dedicated to delivering the highest quality. They possess strong skills and are subject matter experts in their field.

Yet your leaders struggle in managing complex teams, often without reporting oversight. Hierarchy, traditional roles, culture and industry changes all magnify their challenge. Add the pressures of isolation and increased performance demands, and you have leaders who feel they have ground to a halt under a mountain of demands, much of it outside their area of expertise.

The Work

Our Leadership Institute gives leaders the space to dig out from under the mountain and release some of the pressure. We help them get grounded in their personal strengths and values. Then, leaders can build workplace relationships and apply new skills to decision-making, problem-solving and so much more.

The Institute is typically comprised of learning modules in three categories, which we can further customize. We offer a combination of group learning and individual coaching using an emotional intelligence framework. Delivered over a 12-month period, participants gain powerful awareness and immediately applicable tools. Leaders emerge with a greater ability to eectively influence desired behaviors and outcomes.

Wildfire has over 20 years’ experience igniting leaders and teams in purpose-driven organizations.

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