Mad Men Makes Me Blue

I know. I am extremely late to the “Mad Men” party. You could even say that I missed it. But with Netflix at my fingertips, I’m just getting started.

I’ve watched the first five episodes in Season 1. While it is incredibly crafted and acted, it makes me feel claustrophobic and downright sad. In the early 1960s no one could be themselves. All those girdles, hidden affairs and social comparison. Ugh. I’m not sure I can continue watching.

If repression was the theme of the early 1960s, authenticity reigns today. We have the interwebs -filled with windows into people’s souls. Showing your true self is one of the greatest gifts you can bring your work, your community and your life.

Steve and I have been using the StrengthsFinder assessment more and more with individual leaders and teams. The StrengthsFinder assessment ranks your top 34 strengths. Every one of us is incredibly unique. Only *1 in 33 million people have their strengths in the same order*! Plus, our experiences, age, geography and more shape our perspective and application of strengths.

To go from good to exceptional, StrengthsFinder says to focus on your Top 5 Strengths and leverage those. Bottom line – be yourself, everyone else not only is taken, but no one has YOUR unique strengths.

My Top 5: Strategic/Ideation/Connectedness/Woo/Positivity

Know yours? Please share in the comments. Curious? Let us know .


Elena F. Deutsch, MPHPartner, Wildfire Strategies