Organizational Diagnostics

The Challenge

As a healthcare leader, you know what it’s like to work fast to serve your patients without all the resources you need. You and your teams know when you’re not working well together or performing at your peak, but you don’t have time to assess why or how to make it better. Wildfire Strategies Organizational Diagnostics can provide you with an in-depth understanding of the impediments to your best teamwork and performance, as well as the strengths that will help you overcome those impediments.

The Work

Organizational Diagnostics includes three components: interviews, surveys and data analysis.

  • Interviews: Wildfire designs and delivers in-depth one-on-one assessment interviews with leaders, teams and influencers from every level of the organization. These interviews provide insights into what causes the challenges you face, as well as what – and who – can help solve them. The interviews also build rapport across roles and serve as a pressure release valve, giving participants the feeling of being heard and validated.

  • Surveys: Wildfire also designs and delivers tailored surveys to larger groups of healthcare team members to capture department or system-level feedback on how challenges in communication, respect, accountability and role clarity impact team performance and productivity.

  • Data Analysis: Healthcare systems are not short on data. Patient satisfaction surveys, patient safety scores, employee engagement surveys and many more help to paint the picture of where healthcare teams function well and where they don’t. We evaluate relevant survey data and also look at strategic documents like five-year plans to understand where you are, and where you want to be.

Because Organizational Diagnostics gives people the chance to be heard, it already begins to create a positive shift in relationships and behaviors.  The results of the Organizational Diagnostics – interviews, surveys and analytics – help us to design the interventions that improve your team and organizational performance.

Wildfire has over 20 years’ experience igniting leaders and teams in purpose-driven organizations.

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