Wildfire are valued partners and respected coaches who have helped some of our top talent increase their skills and effectiveness. We are a stronger organization by using their insightful consultations.
— William Sherwood, VP Human Resources & Administration, U.S. Fund for UNICEF

Strategic Direction

The Challenge

There are so many forces shaping healthcare: managed care models, population health, technology, mergers, disintermediation, and others.  Leadership changes at the system, board, hospital and department levels create opportunities for fresh starts, but they can also kick up fears about losing familiar faces and ways of working. It’s easy to get off track during these times of change, or paralyzed into inaction that leaves you behind.  

The Work

Wildfire helps healthcare system leadership to navigate these macro-level changes with a strategic mindset.  Working with hospital leadership teams and boards, Wildfire designs and delivers retreats, annual meetings and off-sites where these leaders can build desired culture, vision and strategic plans for themselves and their organizations. Through additional strategic planning, team transformation and individual coaching, Wildfire can then help them bring these plans to life.

The results of Strategic Directioning include better aligned and collaborative boards, cohesive leadership teams, strategic plans, and more defined cultures that guide organizational direction.

Wildfire has over 20 years’ experience igniting leaders and teams in purpose-driven organizations.

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