Healthcare Teams: Values at Work

At work, its easy to focus on tasks, big and small: project implementation, throughput, a particular patient.  But, your personal values underpin everything you do and interaction you have.  

On a team, understanding and sharing values becomes a turning point in team relationships.  This serves as a foundation for building respect, collaboration and results.

When do you feel particularly good about work? When you're being appreciated for handling a difficult situation? Receiving an award?  

And, what makes you angry at work? When your boss doesn't share complete information, or a colleague yells at you in front of a patient?

Both happy experiences at work, and aggravating ones, are important signals: they show how well work aligns with our personal values.  

Our personal values matter at work:

  • Values are the reason why we might choose to work in a particular hospital setting or with one patient population vs another.

  • And, values are the connector - or barrier - between you and your colleagues.

What personal values matter to you at work?