Appreciate Some Appreciation

I don’t want to say thank you to people for doing their job.”

This came from a brave manager who raised her hand in front of 120 of her peers during a session I was leading on appreciation. 

Of course you don’t want to say, “Thank you for coming in on time today,” or “Thanks for writing up that report and emailing it to me!” 

Showing appreciation isn’t just saying thank you.  It’s not a generic “good job.”

Appreciation is a specific acknowledgement of something you observe about a team member or colleague.  It can be about something they’ve done or even the values they demonstrate at work. 

Research has actually proven that giving appreciation not only makes someone else’s day, but boosts your mood too.  Who couldn’t use some of that?  

 “I noticed how you offered to cover for Ben last night.  That showed your willingness to jump in and help out.  Thanks.”

You went above and beyond in that presentation.  Your delivery was warm, concise and hit the mark.  Well done.”

Appreciation can be given in person or electronically.  The delivery method isn’t as important as the fact that you say something specific and genuine.

As hardworking leaders and managers, share an example of appreciation someone has given YOU that made a big impact?   And – how do you like to give appreciation?  We know you’ve got some tips.  We’d love to hear.

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