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Leadership Development

The Coach is IN

The Coach Is In™ a targeted 25-minute, confidential coaching session that helps you get unstuck. ‘The Coach is IN’ dives into a work or life issue, gives you clarity, and identifies actionable next steps that get you moving forward.

The Coach Is In™ is a 1:1 service by Wildfire Strategies that provides confidential coaching sessions for incubators, start-ups, and tenants in co-working spaces. It’s meant to engage workers who are encountering emergent work issues, like pitching to a challenging client. While working with the coach on their goals, the participant will feel a sense of support, connection and trust. And after working together, the participant will have a more clear path forward, bringing them relief and confidence in their future work.

Coaching for all levels

Who do you turn to when there are tough choices to make, a difficult conversation to have, complicated reporting lines to navigate? Who helps you sort through the concerns that keep you up at night? As a top leader in your organization, you may have few trusted allies to explore complex issues with, and even less time to think about them.

Team Healing

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Retreats and Workshops

Leadership Development

Team Services


Strategic Growth


Wildfire Workshops are designed to educate cohorts of leaders or team members on key topics that are essential to their collective success.

These 2-3 hour workshops (in-person) are designed for up to 25 participants with one facilitator; larger crowds can be accommodated with additional facilitators.

Ombuds on Demand

Ombuds on Demand by Wildfire Strategies is a confidential, impartial service that helps individuals in the organization find creative solutions to different kinds of situations. The ombuds can mediate, coach, facilitate or engage in shuttle diplomacy to help individuals navigate conflict situations or act lie a sounding board to help them develop options when faced with an organizational challenge.

The service would provide reports of trends, systemic problems and organizational issues to high-level leaders allowing them to proactively take action on those areas.