Coaching for Leadership

The Challenge

Who do you turn to when there are tough choices to make, a difficult conversation to have, complicated reporting lines to navigate? Who helps you sort through the concerns that keep you up at night? As a top leader in your hospital, you may have few trusted allies to explore complex issues with, and even less time to think about them.

The Work

As expert coaches, we clear a space for you to explore, think through, and go deeper. We help you get to the core of what matters, so you can get back to moving mountains.

We are here to listen. Deeply.

Listening sounds like a simple act, but done right it is the profound difference between business as usual and powerful change that benefits your patients, colleagues and yourself.  

Our approach to coaching gets you back to your wisdom and the clarity it provides. Once you can see the issues clearly, you operate from a place of confidence in your decisions and actions.

The work we do together provides you with greater vision, better connection with your teams, and relationships that achieve results.

Wildfire has over 20 years’ experience igniting leaders and teams in purpose-driven organizations.

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