Team Healing


The Challenge

You have inherited a team or department burdened with a lot of old baggage. Wounds from long-standing conflicts and resentments fester. Perhaps they’ve been made worse by a prior leadership vacuum and lack of ongoing professional development. You have a mess on your hands. You have ambitious goals for this team, and want to bring healthy change, but you know some repair and healing need to happen first.

The Team Healing Process

The Work

Wildfire partners with leaders of challenged departments to help them heal these old schisms. Together we listen, reflect back deep concerns and rebuild trust.

We facilitate the creation of a healthy team culture, and give members the chance to make peace with the past and move forward. This work takes time. It requires a commitment and authentic engagement from leadership.

When you complete this work, you will have cleared old wounds and instilled shared ownership in the path forward toward new goals. The results are transformational. Then you can then truly get down to the business at hand.