Welcome to Wildfire Spark!

Welcome to our Blog: Wildfire Spark!

Each month, we spend hours with leaders and many more thinking about leadership.  We love it.  We want people to be inspired in whatever role they play, and happier at work.

We love getting in there with clients – wherever “there” is for them.  “There” could be how to manage their team better, or delegate, or deal with a challenging colleague or boss.  We want to figure out with clients where “there” is for them, and help them expand their unique talents into leadership strengths.

Sometimes along the way we have insights that come on like bright lights, and we want to share those with you in these blog posts.  We hope our flashes of insights, inspired by work with clients (or sometimes the news or pop-culture) are helpful to you. 

Some posts will be by Elena Deutsch, others by Steve Salee, and sometimes we will have guests.  We will post once a week, and we encourage you to share if you like what you read, and leave a comment.  

By sharing our spark, we hope it will ignite you – in whatever leadership role you inhabit – to move your work, your team, and your organization forward. 

And that, we love.  

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