Team Transformation

The Challenge

You want your teams to run like a smooth, fast-moving train: productive and effective.

Your goals are clear… you have certain targets to achieve.

But people aren’t collaborating effectively together.

Perhaps you’ve gone through organizational changes, and added or lost team members. People are tentative, not communicating well and unable to contribute to their full potential. You know the team can do better.

The Work

Wildfire brings teams together. We help create safety and connection.

When communication and trust increase, you can capitalize on individual strengths. Team intelligence rises. Collaboration and energy are freed up.

Team Transformation can be rolled out in a variety of ways. Our partnership begins with an assessment that clarifies your unique team challenges and goals. From there, we design the best mix of team on or off sites, follow-up sessions and ongoing team building activities.

Our work equips your team members with the connection they need to propel forward together, humming towards your goals.

Wildfire has over 20 years’ experience igniting leaders and teams in purpose-driven organizations.
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